Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pictures and Prices

Here are a few pictures with prices of some banners.

The most popular banner is the reversible Happy Birthday / Congratulations banner in the bright colors. Here are a few examples. There is no 'set' pattern for which order the colors appear. I try and make it random, but you can see from the different pictures that they all look similar. These banners are $35. They are washable (if needed), reversible, and can be hung for any special occasions. Also, I have started making the Happy birthday banner with the words "live, laugh, love" on the back instead of congratulations. Same price. They can ben in the bright colors, or the slightly muted colors.

Congratulations / happy birthday Bright Colors $35
Congratulations side ($35)
Sample of the "live, laugh, Love" with Happy Birthday $35 Bright colors
Live Laugh Love with the slightly muted colors $35 (happy birthday on reverse)
Believe in reds, whites, and greens. This can ben just like this, or can have the greys and pinks and Be Mine on the reverse. $20 for reversible, $15 for just the Believe.

Be Mine reversible banner (with Believe on the other side) $20

Reversible 'happy fall' on one side, "give thanks' on the other. $30
happy fall $30

All this for $30 (reversible banner)
Halloween fabric and shapes banner $15

Spooky and Harvest reversible banner $20 for both, $15 for just one sided words (either just Spooky, or just Harvest)
Spooky can come in just green and black without the orange $15. Another view of a Spooky with orange.

I've done all sorts of custom banners for family reunions, nurseries, or just bedroom decor. I can also mix up the seasons. One order I did "spooky" on one side and "jingle" on the other (in appropriate holiday colors for each side).

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