Saturday, April 30, 2011

Exciting new stuff!

Just a few pictures of some of my newest stuff! Here are fabric cards:

Inside says: "Sending you a tweet" in a cute green font.

I love this one! Inside it says "hippo birdie two ewe!" LOVE IT!

This one is blank inside -- an all occasion card, for Mother's day, a Thank you card, get well, etc.

This one says, "Welcome Home" inside. A perfect card for those college kids coming home for the summer, someone getting home from a mission or any other extended stay.

I'm so in love with these colors! It just makes me happy and excited for SUMMER! These are large letters -- the S is 6 1/2 inches high, just to give you an idea. So many possibilities for using this sign!

I'll be posting all of these things on my etsy shop, so go check it out here!

Happy Creating!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Easter towels

I made a few towels for friends for Easter this past week. Here are the pictures.

I love having fun little things like this around the house for different holidays and seasons. On one of the towels, I chose a fabric just a bit TOO close to the shade of the towel, making the "Easter" hard to read. Oops.

My kids keep asking me if they can dry their hands on the towel.
"No!" I say.
"But Mom, Easter is over!"

If only they knew how long it took me to sew on each letter, even with a machine! They'd never use it as a towel! Gasp! :) Maybe next year.

Happy Creating.


Welcome to my blog, Fabrics and Fonts!

This is where I'll feature posts about, you guessed it, fabrics and fonts! Two of my absolute favorite things. Imagine, being able to have any fabric you want cut out in the size and shape of your favorite fonts!

Here is one of the first signs I made, just in time for spring.

I also make all sorts of shapes and fun things out of fabric. So, enjoy this blog. I
'll hopefully post tutorials and ideas on what you can do with fabric.

Happy creating!

Let's have a picnic!

Once I get started on my projects, I can get a little carried away! This was my kitchen table the other day when it was time for dinner. I didn't want to clean it all up, so we had a 'picnic' on the table outside! Yeah for second tables. Yeah for picnics! Yeah for procrastinating cleaning up!Happy Creating!