Monday, May 2, 2011

Fabric Card Tutorial


In this post, I will be detailing the steps on making one of my fabric cards. I wanted you to see how much effort goes into each card. That way, you can feel good about your purchases, or if you want to, you can make your own cards! I sell the completed cards in sets on my etsy shop, but I also sell just the shapes so you can make your own cards!

Here are the steps:

1) Choose out the fabrics for your project:

2) Iron on special interfacing:

3) Peel off the back paper portion:

4) Design your shapes in the computer for the Silhouette to cut the fabric.

5) Position the fabric on the cutting mat and let the machine do the cutting:
6) After the machine has cut the fabric in the desired shapes, I like to trim it up so it is nice and neat if there have been any snags:

7) Once you have cut all desired shapes from all your different fabrics, match them all up to make sure you like the look.

8) Cut out a rectangle from the background fabric and iron all the shapes (one layer at a time) onto the rectangle.

9) Wash it!

10) Dry it! (this give it a great frayed look) -- of course you don't have to wash and dry it, if you don't want this look!

11) Choose out a pice of patterned paper that coordinates nicely:

12) Sew the fabric onto the paper with a matching thread:

13) Print out your sentiment on the inside of a piece of white cardstock, lining it up so when you cut it in half the sentiment will be where you want it.
14) Adhere the paper with fabric to the front of your card after you've folded it nicely. And... YOU ARE DONE!!!!
You now have an adorable, blue, green, and yellow fabric birdhouse with the words, "Welcome Home" printed on the inside. You could also print "Thanks for making our house a home" on the inside. Wouldn't that make a fabulous Mother's Day sentiment?

So, are you ready to make some cards? Here are a few links to some etsy posting where you can buy shapes to make your own cards. Or, if this totally overwhelmed you, I sell the completed cards in sets as well.

Link to SHAPES
Link to CARDS

Happy Creating!